CaringApp detects your loved ones' mood by analyzing their voice

What is Mood detection by voice

CaringApp's mood detection a sensitive and non-invasive tool that allows you to keep up with your loves one's mood from a distance. Now, you'll know if your loved ones' are upset, angry or stressed out.


CaringApp's mood detection analyzes the how - not the what. We monitor the changes in tone throughout the conversation instead of observing the words themselves. 



How it works


CaringApp detects their voiceprint while they use their mobile phone, builds a unique voice profile and provides you with an indication of their mood during phone calls.




The CaringApp never shows personal data collected from your loved one's device. The personal data is analyzed and then immediately deleted. You will only be notified if CaringApp detects a possible issue, you won’t receive a synopsis of the phone call itself.


CaringApp's servers and databases are protected with SSL encryption. CaringApp does not collect any information that can connect personal data to a particular individual. Every bit of data has a unique encryption. CaringApp does not share any data with any 3rd party.






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Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.