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Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.
Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.


CaringApp's features detect a wide range of potential threats and behavioural changes and send alerts to your mobile phone.


Location Tracker

Know where your loved ones are at while they are out of reach and track their location in real-time.

Mood Detection

Find out if your loved ones are upset, angry or stressed out. CaringApp creates a personalized voice profile and analyzes the tone of voice during phone calls.

Not available on iOS.

Fall Alerts

Get an automatic phone call in case of a fall.

CaringApp is using the user phone motion sensor to detect falls and will trigger a call in case of immobility.

SOS Emergency Button

Easy and quick access to emergency calls and messages to selected contacts.

Inactivity Alerts

A dramatic change in physical activity is often a sign of declining health. Be there to help if there are any significant changes in behaviour.

Daily Routine

CaringApp monitors your loved one's regular routine and notifies you when they arrive at or leave saved locations using a GPS tracker and Geofences.

Emotional Support

Online psychological services for both seniors and caregivers

Battery Level

Monitor your loved ones' battery level. automatically receive last location when battery drops to less than 15%.

Remote Unmuting

Be able to remotely take your loved one's ringtone out of silent mode.

On iOS devices - your loved one will receive an alert to switch off silent mode.


Set shared reminders for Doctor appointments and pill schedule.

Medical Information

Keep important medical information in one place to be within reach for emergencies and routine checkups.

Medical ID Widget 

Unique home screen widget for easy emergency access to medical information (blood type, medicine, allergy information, emergency contact and so on).

Far from the eye,

Close to the heart

Your elderly loved ones may be physically far but with CaringApp you will stay connected. CaringApp tracks your loved one’s phone, detects potential threats and changes and notifies you when your attention is needed.


With CaringApp you will get an automatic phone call in case of an emergency so you always have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are OK.

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Install CaringApp on your device, sign up and add your loved one.



Install the CaringApp on your loved one's device and approve the connection.



Get peace of mind knowing you'll be alerted when your loved ones need you.



CaringApp's mood detection is a sensitive and non-invasive tool that allows you to keep up with your loved one's mood from a distance. Know if your parents are upset, angry or stressed out with just a single glance.


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Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.
Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.

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